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Reasons to Use Our Products

Protect Future Generations

By using TDG EcoSolutions products today, you can help ensure a green environment in the future.

Protect Water Quality

TDG EcoSolutions uses only materials that do not poison aquatic life and that biodegrade rapidly to protect our drinking water.

Protect Natural Resources

Chemical production from non-renewable resources depletes the supply of those resources for future generations. Our controlled procedures for using renewable natural resources helps us protect against this occurrence.

Protect Our Wildlife

Chemical residue in wastewater streams can lead to mutations in aquatic organisms and harmful effects to animals that feed on them.

Protect Against Climate Change

The production and disposal processes of conventional chemical products can cause a significant release of greenhouse gases.

Protect Our Economy

A large proportion of tax dollars is used to pay for hazardous waste clean up and ongoing environmental damage caused by conventional chemical cleaning agents.

Protect Cleaning Surfaces

TDG EcoSolutions products are formulated to protect the surfaces we clean.

Protect Your Work Environment

Toxic VOC’s from cleaning products are a major source of indoor air quality problems.

Protect Your Bottom Line

TDG EcoSolutions products clean as well or better than the competition and at competitive prices.

Protect Your Company

By using TDG EcoSolutions products, you eliminate future legal liabilities.